Saturday, December 31, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: Don't Blink!

District 25 Tobacco: Don't Blink!: They come and go pretty quickly, don't they? Well, another year is gone, and now we celebrate the New Year! Our staff wishes...

Don't Blink!

They come and go pretty quickly, don't they? Well, another year is gone, and now we celebrate the New Year!
Our staff wishes each and everyone of you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.
Oh yea, A Peaceful one as well.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2016


Here we go again!
As soon as something that is documented to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE, the DEA steps in. Initially, the DEA wanted to ban Kratom but, the push back from millions of law abiding Americans and many government officials was so overwhelming, the DEA backed down.
Kratom's strength is equivalent to a cup of coffee but, the pain relieving properties in this natural plant are Amazing!
So, Kratom is legal at least for now until the all out warfare begins. The facts remain, millions of people are being helped by Kratom and you can be too.
Please feel free to contacts on how to order Kratom.
It Works!!
District 25 Tobacco
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: LOOKOUT!

District 25 Tobacco: LOOKOUT!: As a public service to all, we ask each of you to use caution on New Years Eve. Yes, it's a great time to celebrate but, "Sensib...


As a public service to all, we ask each of you to use caution on New Years Eve. Yes, it's a great time to celebrate but, "Sensibly." We've all read and heard about the nightmare'sh horror stories of fatal accidents due to drunk driving and other mind altering substances. Please be mindful of all that you should be.
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


President-elect Trump:
Your promise to end excessive government regulations and restore the limited role of government in the lives of Americans is the reason that we are appealing to you today.
The three-five million Americans who choose to use the natural herb kratom to maintain their well-being desperately need your help.  We are concerned that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may soon choose to curb access to this herb.  If such an "eleventh hour" step is taken during the waning days of the Obama Administration, we ask that you reverse it upon taking office.  If the DEA has not acted by January 21st, we ask that you put an end to regulatory proceedings targeting kratom.
The DEA and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have openly declared war on kratom consumers, and these agencies are blatantly abusing their powers to criminalize both those who produce and sell kratom products, and those who purchase and consume them.  These federal regulators are doing all they can to deny American consumers their freedom to make individual choices on the safe products they want to use to maintain their health and well-being.
Despite credible evidence proving kratom is no more addictive than a cup of coffee, and its use presents no threat to the public health, the DEA and the FDA are continuing their efforts to classify kratom as a dangerous drug - with the same classification as heroin or cocaine.
Who are we?
We are veterans ... and lawyers ... and factory workers ... and school teachers ... and health care professionals.  We are mothers and fathers ... and grandparents and senior citizens. 
We are the real face of America.  Our choice to consume kratom does not make us "drug abusers" any more than drinking a cup of coffee would.  
Consider these facts.
  1. Kratom is a coffee-like herb.  It is not an opioid. A world-leading drug addiction expert has concluded kratom is no more "dangerous" than nutmeg or St. John's Wort.
  1. Kratom is not addictive. It creates about as much "dependency" as caffeine.
  1. There are no documented deaths tied solely to kratom consumption.  High-energy sports drinks have been linked to deaths, but kratom has not.
  1. A recent survey of EMT and emergency room health professionals found that not one of them supported a ban on kratom, and none had encountered any serious medical emergency involving kratom.  There simply is no evidence of an "epidemic" of kratom abuse.
  1. A bi-partisan group of 51 Members of Congress, and 13 Senators signed three different letters that told the DEA and the FDA that the proposed regulatory ban on kratom was wrong.
  1. The Poison Control Center gets hundreds of times more complaints about such common items as laundry detergent pods as it does about kratom.  
  1. When kratom consumers were given the opportunity to provide public comments on the proposed DEA ban on kratom, 22,310 did so.  The overwhelming number of those comments were positive and advocated for the freedom of consumers to use kratom.
Unfortunately, this regulatory nightmare for millions of Americans could get worse.  If kratom is effectively banned, the door will be open for the DEA and Food and Drug Administration to go on a "regulatory jihad" to prohibit hundreds of products and substances - such as nutmeg, hops, St. John's Wort, and chamomile -- now widely used by Americans.  If the DEA and FDA ban kratom and take no action on other products and substances of equal or greater concern than kratom, they will be singling out kratom consumers in a grossly harsh and unbalanced manner.
A Trump Administration order for the DEA and FDA to cease the unwarranted persecution of the millions of consumers who choose to consume the botanical herb kratom would be a declaration that individual liberty will be respected in America, that consumers will have the freedom to make informed choices, and that powers of government should be restrained and used only when absolutely necessary. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: Got Game?

District 25 Tobacco: Got Game?: Ready For The Big Games On Saturday? It's New Years Eve And We're All Set To Go! Inventory Is Unbelievable ...

Got Game?

Ready For The Big Games On Saturday?
It's New Years Eve And We're All Set To Go!
Inventory Is Unbelievable And Discounts Are Tremendous!
Kick Off Early By Stopping In to
District 25 Tobacco And Save Big Bux!
Ask About Kratom The Remarkable Pain Reliever!
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Monday, December 26, 2016

Usain Bolt is the fastest human alive! He's truly a running man.
He didn't become number 1 overnight and neither did we.
He practiced and practiced, sacrificed and sacrificed, to achieve greatness as we, who have put in the work to become the #1 smoke/head shop in Greenville, Sc. The moral of the story is,
 "Hard work pays off!" We appreciate our loyal customers and our wonderful community for voting us the Best Smoke Shop In Greenville.
You're all invited to visit us and checkout our amazing inventory.
We are Greenville, South Carolina's ONLY Discount Tobacco shop and nobody beats our pricing.
Are you in pain or do you know someone who is?
Ask us about "Kratom."

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas is only hours away and a lot of folks are scrambling for last minute gifts!
If you're in beautiful Greenville, Sc, stop in and take a look around our shop. You'll be very surprised at what you might find? Urban wear, Pro Sports wear, Funky Tee-Shirts, and so much more.
Of course Kratom continues to be a Huge seller and we ship anywhere in the U.S.
Additionally, we wholesale to retailers and feel free to contact us anytime for Amazing Prices!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
District 25 Tobacco
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Check This Guy Out!!

Is Too Much Too Much
In some cases the answer is absolutely, and this is one of those instances.
All we can say is, "WOW!" Now here's another example of what's too much?
Our wonderful boss continues to offer ridiculous discounts and we continue to ask him,
"How can you earn a profit with prices like this?"
Frankly, he doesn't seem bothered at all and continues slashing prices every day.
District 25 Tobacco is sooo much more than a smoke shop. It's kinda a novelty shop as well with
Tee-Shirts, Urban Gear, Sports Wear, Glass Pipes, and now "Kratom" is all the rage.
Stop in and check us out or contact us for shipping details.
Merry Christmas From All Of Us To You And Yours!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: Poor Little Boy!

District 25 Tobacco: Poor Little Boy!: Well, in the beginning it sure looked like Tiny Tim was in for a hum bug Christmas. Old miser Scrooge had the tables turned on h...

Poor Little Boy!

Well, in the beginning it sure looked like Tiny Tim was in for a hum bug Christmas.
Old miser Scrooge had the tables turned on him when his deceased former partner Bob Marley showed up as a ghost one night.
Sometimes this applies to all of us when we pause and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror.
Our outwardly appearance might remain the same but, what about the inner us?
The inner us is our soul and each of us knows if we can do better especially, this time of year.
Let's take a peek within and take notice of how we can improve this coming New Year.
A little improvement never hurt anyone and this would make a great New Year's resolution.
From Our Entire Staff, we wish each of you a
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kratom Becoming Mainstream?

Your body would never get used to the perfect painkiller, says Susruta Majumdar, a chemist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. So unlike the case with common opioids such as morphine or Oxycontin, you would not need to take ever-increasing doses to relieve the same amount of pain. The ideal analgesic would not have the high risk of addiction, withdrawal or fatal respiratory slowdowns that have turned opioid abuse into a massive epidemic. The holy grail of painkillers would not induce the seductive euphoria of common opioids or their less-pleasant side effects like itching or constipation.
A painkiller with just one of these properties would be great, but Majumdar thinks he has stumbled onto a class of chemicals that might have them all. They are found in kratom, a plant that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration intends to effectively ban from the U.S. in an emergency move as early as September 30. Without legal access to it, research on some of the most promising leads for a better painkiller may grind to a crawl.
Kratom comes from the Mytragyna Speciosa  tree native to parts of Southeast Asia, where people chew the leaves for a light, caffeine-like jolt of energy or as a traditional medicine for ailments ranging from diarrhea to pain.
Majumdar first learned about kratom via a Web search a couple of years ago. By then there were stories in the West about how kratom tea could be used to manage pain—and to mitigate brutal opioid withdrawal. That caught Majmundar’s attention, and he found research from the 1970s that described some of the basic biochemistry of kratom’s two primary psychoactive compounds, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, as well as one more molecule called mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, which is produced when kratom ferments.
“We got excited because the chemical structure is almost completely unrelated to that of commonly used opioids,” says Andras Varadi, a colleague of Majumdar who is a medicinal chemist at Columbia University and Sloan Kettering.
When Majumdar and his team started studying the compounds in the laboratory, they realized all three molecules were binding to the mu-opioid receptor—one of three known kinds of opioid receptors in the brain—in an unconventional way. Think of this receptor as the ignition to a “hybrid car,” Varadi explains, and the opioids that bind to it as keys.
A typical opioid such as morphine turns on the “electric engine,” and that leads to a desired effect like pain relief. But it also starts up the “gas engine,” causing negative side effects. The mitragynine molecules from kratom seem to activate mostly the “good” systems, leaving behind the unwanted effects yet keeping pain relief. Scientists have been trying to develop next-generation drugs with this property. There is one candidate, pharmaceutical company Trevena’s TRV130, in clinical trials now. That’s part of what makes kratom exciting to researchers, says Laura Bohn, a biochemist at the Scripps Research Institute who was not involved with this work. “The more chemical structures you have [with this property] the more you can say, ‘here’s the right features of these, and let’s impart that into our drug development.’”
Majumdar noticed that the fermented-kratom compound mitragynine pseudoindoxyl—unlike most other drugs in development—also blocks off another opioid receptor, the delta receptor. “That’s when we got excited,” Majumdar says. Past experiments have shown that delta receptor blockers could reduce morphine tolerance and withdrawal symptoms in mice. “There were signs that delta antagonism is good,” Majumdar says. And if mitragynine pseudoindoxyl could both block the delta receptor and produce favorable behavior on the mu receptor, Majumdar says it might be better than any other pain drug science is currently investigating.
In an attempt to find out about these blocking capabilities Varadi injected mice with mitragynine pseudoindoxyl twice a day for a month. Then he checked if they could feel pain, using techniques such as putting them on a hot plate. In such experiments morphine usually loses its painkilling effects after five days. But after 30 days on a consistent dose of mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, the mice still showed numbness to pain.
“It was the most exciting experiment I’ve ever done,” Varadi says. In other experiments Varadi and Majumdar reported that the mice exhibited few withdrawal symptoms from mitragynine pseudoindoxyl—and they displayed no indication that they actually enjoyed taking the drug. “[This is] early promise it’s nonaddictive,” Majumdar says. His team reported its findings in The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry last month.
Varadi says his results indicate that mitragynine pseudoindoxyl may have the peculiar ability to both activate the mu receptor—possibly making it a powerful painkiller that also reduces addictive and potentially deadly side effects—as well as lower withdrawal and tolerance. “It’s a double whammy,” Varadi says.
Although the kratom compounds have yet to be clinically studied in humans, Andrew Kruegel, a pharmacologist at Columbia who was not involved in Varadi’s study, says the results hold promise for better designer painkillers.
“Those compounds alone may already be superior to codeine and oxycodone. At a minimum, if you can get rid of respiratory [problems] then you can save thousands of lives,” Kruegel says. “But we can tweak their properties to make them even better than the natural starting point.” Or they would do so if the research were able to legally continue, he adds.
Please Contact Us With Any Kratom Questions.
District 25 Tobacco

Monday, December 19, 2016

They Need Each Other!

Without a doubt, Santa & Rudolph need each other especially, this time of year. Let's face it, Rudolph is Santa's GPS!
We hope everyone is enjoying this special holiday season as much as we are. It really is the time to give,
and we continue to give our extended family of loyal customers the BEST deals anywhere to be found. We never play the role of Scrooge or the Grinch. Great products at ridiculously low pricing keeps folks coming back for more. We welcome everyone to visit us, and inquire about shipping within the continental U.S.
Thanks For Reading Our Blog!
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: Heartbreaking! Kratom Will Help!

District 25 Tobacco: Heartbreaking! Kratom Will Help!: This article says it all! We sell Kratom at HUGE Discount Pricing and Ship anywhere in the U.S. www.district...

Heartbreaking! Kratom Will Help!

This article says it all!
We sell Kratom at HUGE Discount Pricing and Ship anywhere in the U.S.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caught Him Snooping!

Well Duh, this his his name right?
Old Snoop doing his Snoop Thang!
What a great time of year to spread good cheer and focus on what's most important.
Merry Christmas From D-25-T!

Friday, December 16, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: For Immediate Release!

District 25 Tobacco: For Immediate Release!: Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE District 25 Tobacco Receives 2016 Best of Greenville Award GREENVILLE December 15, 2016 -- ...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

For Immediate Release!

Press Release
District 25 Tobacco Receives 2016 Best of Greenville Award
GREENVILLE December 15, 2016 -- District 25 Tobacco has been selected for the 2016 Best of Greenville Award in the Tobacco category in Greenville, Sc.
Each year, companies are identified for exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and their community. These exceptional companies help make the Greenville area a great place to live, work and play.
Congratulations To
District 25 Tobacco!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

District 25 Tobacco: NEVER AGAIN!

District 25 Tobacco: NEVER AGAIN!: Fool us once maybe but, twice? Never! Here's a brief look at our photo gallery. Yea, we&...

Fool us once maybe but, twice?
Here's a brief look at our photo gallery.
Yea, we're funky, cool, hip, hop, urban, old school, new school, no school, and the
"Number 1 Ranked Smoke Shop In Greenville, Sc. Our customers are as diverse as we are, and we love it. Stop in and check us out, or contact us for online orders.
For those experiencing chronic pain or drug addiction, ask about Kratom. Kratom is making a lot of noise these days and the masses are speaking out about this. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Don't Get Left Behind!

Hey, it happened to Kevin so it can happen to anyone.
It's hustle & bustle season and everyone is running at full speed. Although, Home Alone was only a movie, stranger things have happened? As a courtesy and a friendly reminder, it's important for all of us to stay focused on the task at hand. Mom and Dad always said, "Safety first" and they were right. We want everyone to have a Fabulous Christmas & Holiday Season so lets make safety a priority!
Thanks For Reading Our Blog!
Please send any inquiries to:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kratom, Cure For Drug Addiction?

Never had so many calls about a product.
Kratom sure seems to be working for those with chronic pain and folks getting off addictive drugs. Based on our feedback, Kratom is getting RAVE reviews! We ship anywhere in The U.S. and Nobody Beats Our Pricing! Nobody........ Contact us via our website below

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Have You Seen This?

It's happening boys and girls! Santa is making his practice run while he's gearing up for the big night.
We're stoked and can't wait for his arrival on Christmas Eve.
So you been naughty or nice? Knowing Santa's reputation, we believe he'll visit all of us regardless.
On behalf of our entire staff, we wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.
We look forward to serving you soon!
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