Sunday, July 15, 2018


CBD Oil has rapidly become the remedy of choice for millions world wide!

CBD Oil is documented to relieve pain. relieve anxiety, reduces the risk of artery blockage,
anti-inflammatory, and even promotes bone growth.

Now many Drs's are saying CBD Oil is being used to fight cancer and epilepsy.

We have a great CBD Oil product at our store and encourage everyone to stop in and check it out!

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Friday, June 22, 2018

District 25 Tobacco: STOP THE PAIN NOW!!

District 25 Tobacco: STOP THE PAIN NOW!!:                                                     Everyone is talkn' about Kratom and we know fir...


Everyone is talkn' about Kratom and we know first hand from so many who have chimed in about the amazing results they're getting from this all natural plant based product called Kratom. Kratom is much like the coffee plant and we all know coffee hasn't done anybody harm and is used by practically everyone on the planet!

We're not scientists but, we do exercise common sense regarding our products. We're constantly receiving feedback on the wonderful pain relieving results from folks who are using Kratom.

If you're hurting and don't want to consume opioids, it's possible Kratom might be your solution for pain relief. Millions of others are benefiting from it, and they can't all be wrong!

Wishing everyone a happy healthy life....
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

District 25 Tobacco: When Your Number One!

District 25 Tobacco: When Your Number One!:                                                     Being number one in any industry is wonderful but, sta...

When Your Number One!

Being number one in any industry is wonderful but, staying number one is a total different story!
We've been voted the number one smoke shop in Greenville, Sc year after year and here's why?
Our owner who most refer to as "Big Daddy" is truly the King Of Discounts on the Eastern Seaboard!
He really cares about his customers and continues to keep his prices so low the competition simply can't compete.

District 25 Tobacco is so much more than a smoke shop. Really, we're more of an all round Urban supply store that stocks everything under the sun! Please checkout our website for a brief description of who we are and what we do.

Whether you're a Greenville, Sc resident or one of our many visitors, you're always welcome at our place.

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