Monday, November 28, 2016

He's A Thief!!

Yes, it's true. This guy is a thief! He even tried to steal Christmas!! What kind of an unscrupulous, conniving, low down, and down right evil individual would do this? It could only be one person.
The Grinch!
We're always on the lookout for folks like the Grinch who will steal the caffeine out of your cappuccino.
They come in all disguises but, if they enter our shop on Augusta Rd in Greenville, Sc, we'll make sure to send them on their way immediately.
One thing to be sure of at our place is, you're guaranteed the lowest prices on all products anywhere in the state of South Carolina!
We have every imaginable smoking accessory available at ridiculous pricing.
Visit us soon or ask about online purchases.
We look forward to serving you but, NOT the Grinch!
District 25 Tobacco
3315 Augusta Rd
Greenville, Sc
Tel: 864-277-6999

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